» Derari Island
  • Why's Israel Buying our Islands?

    Only few lands were left of historical Palestine, as the Zionist settlement machine seized the majority of lands; and Israel continues to buy real estate everywhere in the world. However, the new trend is buying islands and real estate in the territories of neighboring countries.

  • Island Sold to Israel: What It Means to Transfer Part of Country's Sovereign Land to Another

    A very concerning comment was made by Avery Shnayer, representative of the Blue and White party, on the piece of news published by the Israeli TV7 channel (later deleted) on Israeli company Himnota, owned by the Jewish National Fund, purchasing a private island with an area of 9,554 square meters for $21.5 million.

  • Derari Island: A Settlement Ready for Sale by Order of the King and his Sons

    Whoever sells a land has sold a homeland, and with normalization, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has mortgaged Bahrain's security and sold parts of its land in order to introduce a new element to Bahraini society; Jewish settlement.