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  • ADHRB: Self-censorship Is Bahrainis' Refuge from the Guillotine of Government Pursuit

    Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) asserts the right guaranteed to all citizens in Bahrain for freedom of opinion and expression, calling on the government of Bahrain to adhere to the international laws and treaties it has ratified.

  • Historian Jassim Al-Abbas's Crime: Documenting "Non-Official" History

    This is what Bahrain has come to. Searching Bahrain's ancient history and presenting a narrative not accepted by the authorities has become a crime punishable by law. The Public Prosecution ordered the arrest of Bahraini historian Jassim Al-Abbas detaining him for 7 days pending investigation over the charge of publishing false information about a historical incident. Al-Abbas was taken into custody after he was summoned for interrogation on January 30, 2020.