» Ahmed Atiyatollah Al Khalifa
  • How Corrupt are Your Nephews: Where Did the Stolen 4 Million Go?

    Ahmed Atiyattullah was the executive hand of Khalid bin Ahmed, who allowed him to carry out his hatred towards the Shiite community, and other ambitions for power and money, until he was dismissed finally after the infamous theft of millions angered the king and his sons.

  • Ahmed bin Atiyatullah's Electronic Army: "Salman's Reign" is Number 1 Target

    Sheikh Ahmed bin Atiyatullah Al Khalifa, Minister of Follow-Up in the Royal Court, doesn't get tired or bored doing what exposes his passion for power. For him, a new reality is being shaped, and there is a movement of forces within his family imposed by the death of PM Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, so he must act quickly.

  • New Duo in Bahrain Rule with End of Khalifa bin Salman Era

    The country is moving from one difficult stage to another. It is in the stage of tightening the grip on all positions of power after removing everyone from their posts, including the removal of the PM's wing in favor of the King's wing, his sons and the Khawalid heads only.

  • Where does the E-Government Stand after Serious Cyberattack on Country’s Most Important Establishments?

    Bahrain has been hit during the past few years by serious cyberattacks that caused severe damages, the most recent one was the hacking of Bahrain Oil Company (Bapco) which led to damaging more than 2000 computers, encryption of the company's data by the hackers, re-engineering of its internal network and affecting production and refining departments work.