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  • 2019 Roundup: Al-Jazeera “Players with Fire” Film Angers Bahrain, Manama Fails to Disprove it

    Al-Jazeera Channel’s broadcasting of a film entitled, “Players with Fire” on July 14, 2019, presented by Palestinian journalist Tamer Al-Meshal in a series of episodes on his show “What is Hidden is Worse”, represented an important part of the political polarization between Bahrain and Qatar

  • Murad Al-Hayiki: Players with Fire, Future of Bahrain and its People

    On July 14, Al-Jazeera channel broadcast a new episode of its investigative program “What's Hidden is Worse” entitled “Players with Fire”, through which it highlighted two issues related to Bahrain. The first is the Bahraini authorities’ narrative that the protesters at the Pearl [Lualua] Roundabout in 2011 were armed, and the second is regarding the supposed cooperation between the Bahraini security authorities and citizens with jihadist ideology who have links with Al-Qaeda.

  • Mohieddin Khan’s Dangerous Confessions, Bahraini Security in Trap

    The Secretary-General of the National Adala (Justice) movement, extremist Salafist Mohieddin Khan didn’t deny the content of “Al-Jazeera” tape and didn’t even show interest to justify anything, whether in terms of what mentioned in “What is Hidden is Worse” or in terms of what his companions in the terrorist cells said inside the chambers of the National Security Agency. He only acquitted himself of being the one who sold the tape. He says in a video he recorded in response on what he described as “Fabrications of Bahrain Television report”: “It is very big and not good to accuse me of this case.”

  • Bahraini MP Jamal Bou Hasan: New Guest of “Players with Fire”

    Whenever Bahraini government loyalists talk in defense of the ruling family, they add new evidence of further involvement. Former MP Jamal Bou Hasan who appeared on the Saudi 24 Channel to “reveal the fallacies, contradictions and falsifications in the ‘What is Hidden is Worse’ show, is not the last one to prove the ruling family’s involvement.

  • Information Ministry’s Terrible Failure: Wanted to Refute Film, but Ended up Proving It

    The Bahraini Ministry of Information Affairs wanted to make things better, but it ended up making them way worse, after it failed to refute the information mentioned in “What is Hidden is Worse” program aired on Al Jazeera channel and come up with a coherent narrative.

  • Bahrainis Not at All United against “Al Jazeera” Film

    Bahraini government loyalists are bragging about how the people are allegedly united in confronting “What is Hidden is Worse” program aired by Al Jazeera channel.