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  • Former Head of RCSI Bahrain to GIDHR: Political Dissenters should be Granted Amnesty

    Professor Tom Collins, former Head of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland in Bahrain, said "all medics, all over the world, should call on regimes to grant political dissenters an amnesty."

  • Hamid Al-Mulla: Bahraini Authorities Refuse to Conditionally Release Dr. Al-Ekri

    Bahrain Mirror: Lawyer Hamid Al-Mulla stated that the Director of the Penitentiary Establishments refused a request to conditionally release Dr. Ali Issa Al-Ekri, pointing out that since December 10, 2015 he has addressed the Director of the Penitentiary Establishments requesting the release, in accordance with Article (349) of the Code of Criminal Procedures . "We had no response regarding this issue, what prompted us to address the penitentiary execution judge", he added.