Coordinating Committee for Jaw Prison Sit-in: No Turning Back on the Open Sit-in Until the Release of All Political Prisoners

2024-04-27 - 2:49 p
Prisoner in Jaw Central Prison (Archive Photo)

Bahrain Mirror: The coordinating committee for the "Justice Shall be Claimed" activities in the Jaw Central Prison stated that "a month has passed since the open sit-in demanding the unconditional release of all political prisoners, and it continues to stand firm and determined despite the inhumane restrictions, which have reached the point of preventing external communication and withholding hygiene products."

In a statement today, Friday, April 26, 2024, the committee highlighted that "a month has passed since the martyrdom of the Al-Fateh martyr (Hussein Khalil Al-Ramram), whose blessed martyrdom ignited the uprising that liberated many prisoners, and hopefully it will lead to all of their releases." They asserted that "there is no justification for our continued imprisonment, especially with the release of our brothers who are no different from us."

While emphasizing that "there is no turning back on the open sit-in," they considered that "no words can describe the magnitude of the gratitude and reverence for our patient and steadfast families and our dear people."

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Prisoner in Jaw Central Prison (Archive Photo)

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