Sheikh Isa Qassim: Has Israel become the Most Knowledgeable in Our Language and Religion to Involve it in our Education Curricula?

2023-03-07 - 12:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim strongly denounced the Bahraini regime's use of Zionists to develop the Arabic language and Islamic curricula.

Qassim wondered, in a tweet on his official account on Twitter: "Are we really incompetent? Can't we find anyone among the Arabs to help us develop our linguistic curricula? Can't we find Muslims to involve them in the development of our Islamic curricula?"

Sheikh Qassim went on to say: "Has Israel become the most knowledgeable and faithful to our language and religion?" Addressing the Zionist normalizing Bahraini regime, he said: "Mock however you like, for you are only mocking yourselves."

A few days ago, Higher Education Council Secretary-General and Vice Chairperson of its Board of Trustees Rana bint Isa bin Daij Al Khalifa received Ellie Cohanim International Affairs Advisor to World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder to discuss "ways to enhance cooperation in education and to develop the Arabic language curricula within the Abraham Accords, including issues related to religious tolerance"

Cohanim thanked Rana bint Isa for her "warm reception and keenness to strengthen cooperation."

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