Sheikh Al-Hazeem: Bad Behavior of Kuwaiti Customs Officials towards Bahrainis "Harms Kuwait's Reputation, Ignites Strife"

2023-02-27 - 1:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sheikh Mahdi Al-Hazeem, the Friday preacher at the "Imam Hussein Mosque" in Kuwait, warned of the continued "bad behavior" of some customs officials at the Abdali-Safwan port towards Bahrainis, warning that this "harms Kuwait's reputation and ignites strife."

In his Friday sermon on February 24, 2023, Sheikh Al-Hazeem explained that the problem at the "Abdali-Safwan" crossing is "the bad behavior of some customs officials" and the words that "cannot be said", calling for the need to address the situation that started to affect most of the departures and arrivals from Iraq "especially the vulnerable from Bahrain," warning that the continuation of this behavior "harms Kuwait's reputation and ignites strife".

"If the bad behavior is not addressed and continues, then it means that it is an approach and not the behavior of individuals," he said, calling for "the rehabilitation of some of these employees".

"If some of them continue in their behavior, they need to be disciplined. There should also be an investigation into such behaviors, because this makes a person feel that some people have sectarian purposes or do not know how to act," he stated.

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