Bahrain: "Kingdom of Brutality...and Normalization", File in Lebanese Al-Akhbar Daily on Feb. 14 Ann.

2023-02-22 - 8:24 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Lebanese Al-Akhbar Newspaper issued an inclusive file entitled "Bahrain: Kingdom of Brutality...and Normalization," on the 12th anniversary of February 14 uprising.

The newspaper pointed out, in the introduction of the file, that "despite all the difficulties, troubles and attempts to stop it, the revolution is still determined to raise its voice demanding human rights, and rejecting the transformation of "Awal" into a policeman for the occupation entity in the Arabian Peninsula."

The file included articles for researchers, journalists and activists who shed light on human rights violations and other political and economic issues, including "revocation of nationality", "normalization" and Bahrain's finance dependence on Gulf support programs.

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