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Why's Israel Buying our Islands?

2023-02-20 - 5:10 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Only few lands were left of historical Palestine, as the Zionist settlement machine seized the majority of lands; and Israel continues to buy real estate everywhere in the world. However, the new trend is buying islands and real estate in the territories of neighboring countries.

Israel is working toward finding shelters for its settlers abroad in anticipation of war, thus it is trying to buy huge islands and real estate in nearby countries.

The Hebrew Maariv newspaper revealed in March 2022 that a board member of a subsidiary of the Israel National Fund offered the board of directors to purchase islands in Greece for the purpose of evacuating Israelis in the event of wars.

The newspaper reported that Avery Shnayer, a board member of Himnota, a subsidiary of the National Fund whose work consists of buying land in Israel, is seeking to acquire islands so that they can be an option for evacuating Israeli citizens and rescuing them in the event of disaster or war.

The most dangerous point is that the Israelis, specifically the Jewish National Fund, were not satisfied with the issue of land ownership and settlements, but according to TV7 Channel, which published a news piece about the purchase of an artificial island in the Manama front and later deleted it, quoted Avery Shnayer, representative of the Blue and White party on the board of directors of Himnota, as saying they are studying the possibility of transferring sovereignty over these islands or territories to the Israeli entity, so that these territories are considered an integral part of the occupying entity. "Everything is done legally in accordance with the established standards, with the full consent of the relevant parties, with the aim of creating infrastructure in these properties and islands," he said.

We assume that full sovereignty over these islands has not been transferred by Bahrain to the Israeli entity, but that the ownership of these islands has devolved to commercial entities that are known as arms of Israel, such as the Himnota Company, which is owned by the Jewish National Fund in Israel, which since its establishment in 1901 had the purpose of "buying and developing" lands for Jewish citizens.

 "Investment" under the guise of which the Zionist entity has come to buy our islands is, at minimum, a settlement project dangerous to the present and future of the country and its identity. The Zionist entity has already purchased an island on the Manama front, and it is highly anticipated that Derari Island will also be a predominantly Jewish settlement. 

Tomorrow, Jewish Israeli communities will form around us in Bahrain, whether we like it or not. The regime is facilitating the process and cooperating with them to achieve this. The biggest question now is: What shall we do?

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