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Island Sold to Israel: What It Means to Transfer Part of Country's Sovereign Land to Another

2023-02-20 - 2:56 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A very concerning comment was made by Avery Shnayer, representative of the Blue and White party, on the piece of news published by the Israeli TV7 channel (later deleted) on Israeli company Himnota, owned by the Jewish National Fund, purchasing a private island with an area of 9,554 square meters for $21.5 million.

Shnayer, a board member of Himnota, said "it will be possible to discuss with the Bahraini government the issue of transferring the sovereignty of these islands or territories to Israel, where everything is done legally in accordance with established standards."

According to international law, the concept of sovereignty refers to the exercise of power by the state. Legal sovereignty refers to the legal right to do so, de facto sovereignty to the ability to do so, and real sovereignty to do so as well. This means that the transfer of sovereignty over an island, or a project, is a complete abandonment of this part with all that it has or what it represents, which will have several repercussions. For example, the transfer of sovereignty over the purchased island to Israel means this island has been turned into Israeli territory, meaning that Israel will be responsible for the Island's security, economy, politics and laws. Thus, Israel can take measures such as building a military or civilian airport on the Island, transferring it into a prison, turning it into a center of prostitution and global corruption, or turning it into a security intelligence base that serves as a starting point for its operations against any country or entity. 

Israel can do whatever it wants, even if it digs for oil and gas, and it can prevent whoever it wants from entering this island.

The repercussions are numerous, as the matter is strategic, hence the fear that the occupying Zionist entity will be able to convince the Bahraini regime over money or any other trick and make it agree to transferring the sovereignty of these areas to an entity whose function is to acquire and occupy lands. The people of Palestine are witness to this.

Regardless of the legal interpretation of the issue of sovereignty, the truth lies in the following: these projects lead to opening a wide door for settlements, so, yes, it's safe to say: Israeli investment in Bahrain is the wide-open door to the settlement project.

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