Israeli Officer Takes Part in Training Bahraini Diplomatic Cadres

2023-02-18 - 7:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: Israeli diplomats and officers are now coming to Manama to participate in training courses for Bahraini diplomatic cadres at the Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa Institute affiliated with the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Institute is run by a woman from Al Khalifa, Muneera bint Khalifa Al Khalifa.

Israeli officer Yoav Mark Belotsercovsky said "I was fortunate enough to take part in a special delegation to Bahrain, as part of the Diplomatic Cadets course in Bahrain."

Yoav is a former officer and technology technician. He is currently a PhD student (teaching assistant) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yoav posted photos on his Twitter account showing his residence in the Bahrain Bay area and his participation in the Bin Mubarak Institute as a lecturer in training courses for Bahraini diplomats.

These courses come within the framework of Israeli penetration in all government sectors in Bahrain.

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