Sheikh Sanqour: Prisoners Complain of Ill-treatment, Harassment

2023-02-05 - 10:20 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Friday preacher in Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Diraz, Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour, said "prisoners complain of ill-treatment, harassment, lack of adequate health care and scarcity of medicines," calling for their release.

In a Friday sermon, Sheikh Sanqour said "the regime deprives prisoners of taking part in the funeral processions of their dead and shortens the duration of prison visits," noting that visits take place from behind a glass barrier. "This has very bad consequences on their psychological health, especially children and mothers."

He went on to say that "Prisoners complain about the high cost of what they buy of clothes, food and hygiene tools," explaining that "the prices of the things they buy from prison are more expensive than those found outside the prison."

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