Detained Sheikh Mirza Al-Mahrous Undergoes Cardiac Catheterization Surgery after his Health Condition Deteriorates

2023-02-01 - 5:26 p

Bahrain Mirror: Detained leader Sheikh Mirza Al-Mahrous, who is sentenced to 15 years in prison, underwent a cardiac catheterization surgery after he fainted and was transferred from Jaw Prison to the hospital.

Activist Sayed Ahmed Al-Wadaei said Al-Mahrous had been suffering from chest pain for about a week amid the prison administration's disregard of his health condition and deliberate negligence of his diagnosis.

However, the sudden deterioration in his health condition required his transfer (Monday, January 30, 2023) to the hospital for treatment.

Al-Mahrous is one of the prominent opposition leaders who was arrested in March and April 2011 for his activism in the widespread protests that erupted in the country in February 2011 demanding democratic transition and end of Al Khalifa monopoly.

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