Editorial: Pope Wins, Sheikh of Al-Azhar and Sayed Ali Al-Amine Fail Bahrainis

2022-11-10 - 7:22 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Between Pope Francis and Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the Pope wins; between him and the Lebanese Shiite authority Sayed Ali Al-Amine, the Pope also wins. There is no room for comparison between a free, independent theologian who is the master of his own decisions and two Muslim religious men, whose prestige and will were clearly influenced by the regime.

The Pope of Bahrain came and used his great Christian religious weight and universal symbolism to highlight the persecution of a group that does not belong to his religion, and gave honest and sincere advice to those who should listen; while the second and third only came and enjoyed a comfortable stay and delicious food and then left.

The Pope tackled Bahrain's main problem by calling for an end to religious discrimination, ceasing executions, respecting human rights and turning the page of 2011. However, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar wanted to end the crisis of 14 centuries of Sunni and Shia discord at the expense of Bahrainis, forgetting that Bahrain is a small country on the map that has little influence in the major countries' game, let alone it not being a place of Sunni-Shiite strife.

However, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar is seen to have made the wrong diligence, as he saw the power of the Pope's lights and tried to catch up with him, but to no avail. Sayed Ali Al-Amine, on the other hand, appears to be lost in a labyrinth.

Al-Amine has stated that he wants to forget the differences of the past, but at the same time praising a country that prints tactical booklets for its army members that considers that his sect believes in some kind of polytheism and calls its members shrine worshippers, pursuing and imprisoning them annually under the pretext of harboring contempt for Yazid ibn Muawiya, the killer of Imam Hussein. 

The Pope proved that the independence of the religious institution is reliable in saying the word of truth, while the dependence of the other institution on the ruler only leads to false testimony. This is what the members of the UAE-backed council called the "Muslim Council of Elders" did with the membership of Sheikh of Al-Azhar and Sayed Ali Al-Amine when it praised the model of "coexistence" in Bahrain, which no one knows about and only both of them believe.  

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