Assistant Undersecretary at Interior Ministry Khamees Mohammed Sahl Referred to Public Prosecution over His Involvement in Corruption

2022-07-21 - 8:01 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Interior Ministry announced that it suspended a police officer of the rank of assistant undersecretary and referred him to the Public Prosecution while in custody. 

The ministry did not disclose the name of the official, but information revealed that the accused is the assistant undersecretary for administrative affairs at the Ministry of Interior,  Brigadier Khamees Mohammed Sahl Khamees.

The Administrative Investigation Committee of the Interior Ministry revealed his involvement in administration and financial violations. The panel was formed by an order by the Minister of Interior. The findings of the internal investigations and the procedures of the Police Courts Directorate revealed his involvement in financial and administrative offenses, violations of his job duties, and intentionally harming the interests of the Interior Ministry for gains for himself and others from outside the ministry.

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