Mr. Hasan Mushaima Isolated for 10 Months after Refusing Parole under Alternative Penal Code

2022-05-05 - 11:43 p

Bahrain Mirror: Activist Ali Mushaima, son of detained leader Hasan Mushaima, said his father, leader of the Haq movement, has been living in isolation for 10 months as a punishment for refusing parole under Alternative Penal Code.

"In a few days, my father will enter his 10th month of isolation at the Kanoo Health Center, under the guise of treatment," Ali Mushaima wrote via his Twitter account.

"The truth is he is being denied adequate medical care. It is now clear to us that the goal is to punish him."

"This isolation policy is a result of his rejection to the conditional release under alternative sentencing," he added.

Ali further stated that his father "is denied from walking and exposure to sunlight, both beneficial to his diabetes and skin rashes." Mushaima indicated that if these and other problems are not being cared for, what is the point of holding him in the health center, noting that it is a rehabilitation place and not a hospital equipped for treatment, or even blood tests? 

"Despite depriving him of his simplest rights and his concerning health condition, my father has a will that can't be broken by such acts."

Ali Mushaima concluded by saying that freedom is my father's right. 

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