Saudi Arabia Dissolves "Half Elected" Municipal Councils, End their Tasks

2021-12-10 - 9:32 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing issued an urgent circular regarding the end of the extended period for the work of the current session of municipal councils, thanking the council heads and members for their efforts and fruitful contributions during this session.

Half of the members of Saudi Arabia's municipal councils are elected. Saudi Arabia's first municipal elections started in 2005 and the last were in 2015, with 3,165 elected and appointed members and 13 Saudi women winning the elections. The number of municipal councils increased to 285. The session was scheduled to end in 2019, but it was extended for 2 years, ending on Thursday.

The Saudi Ministry of Municipal Affairs said, in a statement published by the Saudi Urgent website, that based on the ministerial circular referred to for the decision of the Saudi Council of Ministers to approve the extension of the membership of members of municipal councils for a period of two years, starting from the date of 6/5/1441 AH, and given the end of the extension period for the work of the current session ( Third) On this day, the General Secretariat of Municipal Councils thanks the council heads and members for their efforts..

The ministry demanded the secretaries of the Saudi municipal councils to list the documents and transactions of the council, arrange them, preserve them and hand them over to the concerned municipal secretariat.

It also demanded the completion of the procedures for paying the financial prepayments in coordination with the competent department in the municipality, receiving the management of municipal council accounts on social media, changing the secret numbers and e-mail to a new one, and phone numbers if related.

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