Badr Al-Gaith Leaves (Safe) World of Executioners with an Overdose

2021-11-03 - 9:37 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Until the evening of November 1, 2021, notorious executioner Badr Ibrahim Al-Gaith, 41, was convinced that he was one of those in the safety net that fear nothing in Bahrain, but he forgot that fate and the timing of one leaving this world is not in the hands of the ruling family.

Who are the ones in the safety net or those who fall under the safe category? They are the ones that the late Egyptian actor Khaled Saleh summarized in one of the scenes of the "Black February" film: the systems of the sovereign parties, namely the government and intelligence, and the justice system, namely the judiciary, prosecution and police, as well as the wealth system (businessmen). The third system can buy the previous two."

He says: "These can sleep and be sure that no one can harm them. We can call them the safe category until doom's day."

This is how lieutenant Badr Al-Gaith used to live. Born in 1980 to a senior officer in the Interior Ministry, he became a National Security officer who used to brutally torture detainees in torture chambers and return smiling to his home. He caused the sorrow of mothers and widowed wives after he took part in killing a number of victims. This is what he did, along with others, to martyr Abdulkarim Fakhrawi whom he killed after electrocuting him in 2011. He also did the same with martyrs Sami Mushaima and Abbas Al-Samei, who were subsequently unjustly executed.

"Every night he came and screamed in the prison corridor, I will go get drunk and return to you," says a former prisoner who was tortured at his hands.

On April 9, 2011, human rights activist Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja was arrested and violently beaten in front of his family, despite the family's cries to the executioners to stop the beating. Badr Al-Gaith was one of the executioners. 

After the military prosecution finished its investigation of Al-Khawaja and before he was transferred to prison in the security vehicle, Al-Gaith was happy to make him stand handcuffed in the street in front of people. He slapped him a dozen times directly on his face. Al-Khawaja said in his testimony: "I felt blood on my face. He caused me a deep injury."

After being examined at the medical clinic, Al-Khawaja was immediately transferred to the military hospital where he was examined by a specialist, who said he needed surgery for the four fractures inside his throat, and a bone would be removed from his head in order to repair the fractures. What kind of beating was that, leaving Al-Khawaja with four fractures in his face!

Al-Khawaja was handcuffed and blindfolded in bed after the surgery. He says that someone came to him and said: "I broke your face, I will cut off your reproductive organ when you get out of the hospital, and you will return with similar injuries (....) in addition to sectarian insults and obscene words."

Badr Al-Ghaith knew that he was a part of the safe groups in the Al Khalifa regime, so he practiced torture as a daily activity, as was alcohol and drugs that ended his life, according to reports.

This is a sample of the actions committed by this executioner, who has crossed to another world where executioners and torturers are not among the safe category.


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