Iran Rejects Bahrain's Money Laundering Accusations

2021-08-02 - 9:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: Iran strongly rejected accusations leveled against the Central Bank of Iran and other Iranian banks by the Bahraini judiciary.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said in a statement "The Islamic Republic of Iran does not accept the legal legitimacy and responsibility of the Bahraini government in leveling these false criminal accusations. Tehran calls on the international community to stand up to these allegations."

"These allegations are solely based on political motivations and lack any legal value," he added.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman further said that the judicial procedure taken by the Bahraini courts against the Central Bank of Iran and the Iranian individuals and banks is so flawed that "we have no official and reliable source, apart from some media sources", to know about the details of these cases, adding, "Therefore, any opinion announced in this regard is based on the media news stories."

Bahrain's High Criminal Court has accused the Central Bank of Iran, along with a number of other Iranian banks and their officials, of being involved in "the largest money laundering case in the history of the kingdom".

The Public Prosecution previously announced that investigations had uncovered a large-scale money laundering scheme operating through Future Bank, established in Bahrain and controlled by two other banks owned by the Republic of Iran, namely the National Bank of Iran (Melli) and Bank Saderat Iran.

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