Sudanese Foreign Affairs Minister: King of Bahrain Praises Sudanese Community Distinction in Military Field

2021-07-28 - 3:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sudan, Dr. Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, voiced her pride in the praise of King Hamad bin Isa, during their meeting on Monday, of the contributions of the Sudanese community in many fields, especially the military field.

This came as the minister inaugurated the new building of the Sudanese Embassy in Manama.

Sudan's Acting Ambassador to Bahrain, Mohammed Al-Moataz Jaafar, said in 2017 that the Sudanese community amounts to about 7,000 nationals, most of whom hold the Bahraini nationality.

He added, in the Blue Nile television news coverage from Manama, that Sudanese nationals are employed in various government institutions besides the private sector.

Since the beginning of the millennium, Bahrain has embarked on a massive naturalization process aimed at altering the country's demographics.

The majority of the naturalized citizens work in the army and the security services.

Pakistani Ambassador Saeed Ahmed Khan has confirmed that there are 25,000 Pakistanis residing in the island kingdom, most of whom work in security agencies.

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