Bahrain Accuses Prisoners of Deliberately Spreading the Coronavirus

2021-06-27 - 12:39 p
Jaw Prison

Bahrain Mirror: A prisoner of conscience's new audio recording revealed that the Bahraini Public Prosecution has started accusing inmates of deliberately spreading the Coronavirus inside prison.

These accusations came after the outbreak of the virus in prison and the failure to provide the necessary care to those infected with the deadly disease.

Prisoner of conscience, Taha Al-Sayed Amin, confirmed that the prosecution interrogated him about the accusations raised against him, but refused to allow him to sign his statements and accused him of refusing to do so.

The Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy believes that about 200 prisoners have contracted the virus since March 22 only.

The prisoners had gathered in April in the prison corridors to protest the lack of medical care provided for them, following the martyrdom of Hussein Barakat.

The inmates said that authorities regularly delay or refuse to provide them with vital medical care.

The Institute said that the government had failed to prevent the spread of the virus inside the prison, according to a report by the British Guardian newspaper.


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Jaw Prison

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