49 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Jaw Prison, Families Protest in front of Ombudsman

2021-03-29 - 6:08 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Coronavirus cases increased in Jaw Central Prison on Sunday to 49.

Families of 49 detainees confirmed the infection of their sons in Jaw prison, where most of the political prisoners serve lengthy prison terms.

Meanwhile, General Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation in Jaw Prison confirmed the infection of a number of prisoners, and so did the Ombudsman. However, they didn't announce the number of infected cases or the measures followed in isolating that infected and those in contact with them.

In his comment on the recent statements issued by the General Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation and Ombudsman, Baqer Darwish, President of Bahrain Forum for Human Rights, said that the recent request of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture to visit Bahrain has not been met yet, thus, everything issued by official parties on prisons' situation can't be trusted.

Baqer said that the statements issued the General Directorate of Reformation and Rehabilitation and Ombudsman lack transparency, wondering about the reason of not publishing the number of infected cases and health details of some inmates who suffer chronic diseases.

On Sunday (March 28, 2021), a number of detainees' families protested in front of the Ombudsman building in Manama to express their concern at their sons in prison, amid the rapid outbreak of Coronavirus.

However, a number of Ministry of Interior members- policemen and intelligence members- registered the names of protestors and prevented them from protesting, under the claim that law prevents protesting in Manama.

List of inmates who contracted Coronavirus in Jaw Central Prison:

1-      Nouh Abdullah, A'ali

2-      Mohammad Al-Singace, Sanabis

3-      Abdullah Kassim

4-      Ahmed Mohammed Saleh, Bani Jamra

5-      Sayed Ali Sayed Mousa Al-Alawi

6-      Sayed Mahmoud Sharaf

7-      Sayed Kassim Jalil

8-      Fadhel Mohammad Rida Baddah, Sitra

9-      Hussein Saeed Ibrahim, Sitra

10-   Ahmad Jaafar Al-Ajouz, Nuwaidrat

11-   Sami Jaafar Al-Sheikh, Ma'amir

12-   Mojtaba Sadiq, Bu Quwah

13-   Hasan Jawad Al-Mokhawder, Sanabis

14-   Naser Yaackoub Yousif

15-   Abdulaziz Jaafar Abdulaziz

16-   Hadi Ibrahim Mohammad Al-Arab, Bani Jamra

17-   Mohammad Jaafar Taleb, Bani Jamra

18-   Khalil Ibrahim Abdulrasoul, Diraz

19-   Nasser Faisal Al-Naboul, Sitra

20-   Hani Ahmed Marhoun Sanabis

21-   Ali Al-Freikh, A'ali

22-   Mansour Al-Nasiri, A'ali

23-   Sayed Nizar Neema Al-Wedaei, A'ali

24-   Sayed Ahmed Sayed Ali, Al-Shakhoura

25-   Hussein Ali Joumaa, Al-Daih

26-   Ali Abbas Al-Asfour

27-   Ali Ahmed Jaafar Laith, Dar Kulaib

28-   Mostafa Abdulkarim Khatem, Karzakan

29-   Ahmad Hmaidan

30-   Sayed Ahmed Alawi Jawad Mahfouz

31-   Abduljabbar Abdulhussein, Tubli

32-   Abbas Ibrahim Hasan Al Majed

33-   Hussein Younes Ahmad, Sanad

34-   Hussein Ali Saleh Al-MArzouq

35-   Ahmad Ali Yousif Jassim

36-   Sadiq Abdullah Al-Ethna'ashar

37-   Mazen Mansour Ahmad Alouna, Sitra

38-   Abbas Ahmad Khamis, Nuwaidrat

39-   Ahmad Jaber Radhi

40-   Jaafar Mohammad Ali Thamer, Dar Kulaib

41-   Mohammad Fakhrawi, Manama

42-   Adel Ahmad Ali Saleh, Hamad Town

43-   Ahmad Ali Al-Sheikh Hasan, Sitra

44-   Mohammad Ali Abdullah Nas

45-   Mohammad Hasan Sahlan, Al-Ekr

46-   Sayed Hasan Sayed Shobbar, Tubli

47-   Abulzahraa Abdulkarim Yassin, A'ali

48-   Sadiq Mohammad Jaafar, Al-Ekr

49-   Jawad Mirza Al-Dirazi, Diraz 

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