Political Prisoner in Bahrain Subjected to Attempted Murder inside Prison by Naturalized Inmate

2021-03-17 - 8:06 am

Bahrain Mirror: Family of prisoner of conscience Sheikh Zuheir Ashour issued a statement on Tuesday (March 16, 2021) in which it said that Zuheir was subjected to an attempted murder by a political prisoner, a former army in Bahrain Defense Force.

The family discussed in the statement Zuheir's situation inside Jaw Central Prison.

It said "The family believed that his targeting file, harassment, enforced disappearance and torture he was subjected to inside the prison has come to an end, especially after the vast popular campaign which expressed refusal to oppression. We, however, were surprised that on March 14, 2021, his Eminence, Sheikh Zuheir Ashour, was subjected to an attempted murder at the hands of a naturalized former army in the BDF. The naturalized prisoner is convicted over criminal charges and cases related to drugs and rape. He is known that he is very aggressive in dealing with other inmates."

"We recount the details of the incident to the public opinion, human rights organizations and institutions concerned with protecting human rights inside and outside Bahrain. In his last call on Tuesday (March 16, 2021), Sheikh Zuheir narrated the details of his murder attempt."

He said, "On Sunday (March 14, 2021), at 2 PM, while Sheikh Zuheir was going to the prison's yard (the fence), he decided to head to the television hall at first. The criminal prisoner was at the same place and as soon as Sheikh Zuheir was about to leave the hall after spending some minutes watching television, the prisoner attacked him from behind and tried to strangle him and break his neck. Sheikh Zuheir defended himself and could escape. While Sheikh Zuheir was attempting to defend himself, the prisoner's officers came and took the criminal prisoner to another place."

"Sheikh Zuheir sustained several bruises in his neck, knees, legs and face. However, no investigation was carried out."

The statement went on to say "Sheikh Zuheir's family demands to transfer him to the political prisoners' building and to start an investigation in the incident."

The family said that it holds the prison's administration responsible for anything that happens to Sheikh Zuheir.

The family concluded its statement saying that in case it is difficult to transfer Sheikh Zuheir to one of the normal building of political prisoners, it demands his transferal to the figures building, as keeping him among the criminal inmates puts his life at risk.

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