Managing Director of AJ+ Channels: Bahraini People Innocent of Agreement of Shame

2020-09-12 - 9:19 p

Bahrain Mirror: Commenting on the normalization agreement between the Bahraini regime and Israerl, managing Director of AJ+ Channels, Dima Khatib, said that "Bahraini people are totally innocent from the agreement of shame".

"I feel disgust to an extent that I am unable to comment on normalization. I know that Bahrainis have nothing to do with this," she said in a tweet.

She added "Be sure that Bahrainis who don't write today under the hashtag #Bahrainis_against_Normalization may be employees at an institution that doesn't allow them to express a view opposing to the state. The Bahraini people are innocent of the agreement of shame. The hashtag is full of love to Palestine and clear rejection of normalization."

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