New York Times:Bahrain Coronavirus Cases Ranked Fourth Worldwide

2020-07-08 - 9:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: The New York Times newspaper said that Bahrain Coronavirus cases ranked fourth worldwide after Arizona, Florida and South Carolina.

The newspaper published a chart ranking the countries with the most confirmed new cases over the past week, adjusted for population size, and treats each U.S. state as if it were a country.

The only countries with outbreaks as severe as those across the Sunbelt are Bahrain, Oman and Qatar - three Middle Eastern countries with large numbers of low-wage migrant workers who are not citizens.

These workers often live in cramped quarters, with subpar social services, and many have contracted the virus.

They "have found themselves locked down in cramped, unsanitary dorms, deprived of income and unable to return home because of travel restrictions," The Times's Beirut bureau chief, Ben Hubbard, has written.

Other countries on the list are Kuwait, Panama, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

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