Nabeel Rajab's Dog

2020-06-23 - 4:22 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Nabeel Rajab is bringing back political humor to its glory days. His posts, comments and interaction with readers remind us of his sarcastic comedy, which he added to the political scene since 2011.

Of course, Rajab is not expected now to post any political comments or views in light of his release conditions. However, no one can prevent him from making people laugh. No one can prevent him from asking people for recommendations about the type of dog he should adopt, which according to his wife's conditions, should be "the size of a tissue box". No one can prevent him from acting in a positive fashion and hoping for good things even at the darkest moments.

This is Nabeel Rajab. He hasn't changed and hasn't been destroyed by the 4 years he spent in prison. Nabeel adapts with a new reality whose issues and grievances remain unchanged. Only the circumstances of this reality have changed. It is said that circumstances always have terms. Many will disagree with Nabeel Rajab and this is possible. Let's go back to the beginning. Nabeel Rajab did not present himself in the first place as a harmonious person, as part of a political team or a party orientation or even an ideological proposition. He's not all of that. He is neither a leader in order to be able to impose agreements and settlements. He created a particularly dynamic relationship with all the components of the political scene based on the two points of agreement and disagreement with them, not just his agreement.

This is Nabeel Rajab; the free human rights defender who is not restricted by commitments, but is close to the people and beloved by them. He returned now to them and brought with him his sense of humor and positive energy that emerge from the idea of humor itself, not reality, as reality is dark, thorny and full of sadness and pain, but Nabeel is sculpting hope, even if it looks like he's carving hard rocks.

The political field seems to like a sullen place in which there is only room for condemnations and loud statements. Nabeel's imprint is that he added another flavor to this scene, comedy. His comedy always turns into politics. Even his jokes feel like metaphors for political positions, whether he meant it or not. And this is not useless.

Former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser used to receive a weekly report from the Ministry of Guidance on the most important trends of public opinion, including the most important weekly political jokes and analysis. "The State Security Investigations Service collects jokes through analysis and measuring public opinion, particularly political jokes, which are presented in a weekly report to the Interior Minister," said Adel Hamouda, former Egyptian Interior Minister Hassan Abu Basha (1982-1984). 

Nabeel Rajab is now unable to make political jokes similar to those that were presented in the weekly report of the Egyptian Interior Minister because the time and place differ.

Nabeel Rajab has so far rejected his various readers' suggestions about the type of dog he should get. He says that the Husky was made to live in cold climates and that his wife doesn't want the White German, while commenting that Shih Tzu dogs are said to be dumb. Only time will tell what his final decision will be.

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