Before Speaking about Living Together in Peace, Remember that Regime Burnt all Bridges of Conversation with Opposition: Ibrahim Sarhan

2020-05-17 - 12:10 am

Bahrain Mirror: Marking the International Day of Living Together in Peace, Bahraini legal adviser Ibrahim Sarhan recalled in a series of tweets that "the oppression of the Bahraini regime has burnt all bridges of communication with the opposition."

Sarhan said "On the International Day of Living Together in Peace, we recall the oppression of the Bahraini regime, which burnt all bridges of communication with the opposition, closed the opposition political societies, shut down the only independent newspaper, prevented Friday prayers, closed Ayatollah Qassim's office and revoked his citizenship, closed the Islamic Awareness Society (Al-Tawiya), and prevented talking about reform."

He explained that within nine years, the regime arrested and tried more than ten thousand, dismissed thousands of workers and returned them to jobs other than theirs, executed five innocent people, harnessed newspapers and media against the Shiite community, fought them in laws, legislations and jobs, deprived their students of scholarships and demolished their mosques. The regime left no voice, no religious leader or political leader to the Shia.

He went on to say that "Despite all of this, we see the Shiite community reaching out and asking for a dialogue and a radical political solution. It demands to be respected as the rest of the sects, and represented in the political partnership so that the principle of living together in peace can be achieved."

Sarhan concluded by saying that "The International Day of Living Together in Peace is a reminder to the governments that world peace begins with internal peace, political stability in countries, fair representation and respect for religions, sects and religious leaders."

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