New Commerce Ministry Failure: Mask Prices Dramatically Increase in Bahrain

2020-04-11 - 8:46 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Bahraini Ministry of Commerce and Industry has failed to control pharmacies and companies working in the medical field in Bahrain, as the price of masks has risen dramatically after the government decided to oblige citizens and residents to wear medical masks in public facilities and places.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry had repealed earlier a decision it took before April for specifying the prices of masks.

Citizen Ahmad Jamshir recorded a video at one of Nasser Pharmacy branches expressing his frustration about the fact that the pharmacy sold him a box of masks for 34 BD. Jamshir called on the Minister of Commerce to go out and see the situation on the ground, visit the pharmacies and solve the problem of the price spike. Citizens also voiced their concerns on Twitter as one user (Realflnabinflan) said: After the Ministry of Commerce repealed the decision to set a price for masks (at 140 fils per piece), pharmacies played their game, and the prices are ranging from 180 fils to 230 fils, asking the minister whether his decision was right.

"This is exploitation indeed. We are experiencing a pandemic and everyone is required to stand together, yet this is how traders stand in solidarity! And unfortunately without a fair decision!," another tweeter commented.

A tweeter from East Riffa talked about another place where prices of masks are being heightened. 150 masks cost 27 BD in markets in East Riffa. "Is this your support for citizens!" he wondered.

"We have said it and we repeat. A trader without conscience and patriotism is not needed in Bahrain. The current crisis is not an opportunity to increase profits, but an opportunity for the trader to prove his patriotism," MP Ahmed Al-Amer wrote on Twitter.

For his part, Khalifa Ahmed said on Twitter: "The question that arises is why the Ministry of Commerce repealed the article about fixing prices of masks at the moment? Is there a beneficiary? The world is in a crisis; traders must be obliged. Why do you sympathize with them at the expense of a million people."


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