MP Kaltham Al-Haiki Calls on Authorities to Address Prisoners Issue to Avoid Potential Catastrophe in Case of Coronavirus Outbreak

2020-04-10 - 10:54 p

Bahrain Mirror: MP Kaltham Al-Haiki called on the concerned parties, various associations and civil society actors and members of the legislative authority to address the issue of prisoners and detainees in this exceptional and sensitive circumstance with a humane perspective, free from any political or regional considerations or procedural complications, as "the situation we are going through is an emergent and difficult situation that we and the world have never experienced."

In a statement published by the Delmon Post, Al-Haiki called on the concerned authorities to overcome all obstacles and expand the implementation of alternative laws to include as many convicts as possible, and to release those detained pending investigation with the guarantees the Public Prosecution office demands. Al-Haiki expressed her deep concern "that the Coronavirus epidemic can be transmitted into prisons, which is very possible no matter how much the concerned authorities try to prevent it, because of the nature of this epidemic, which has proven that it is impossible to ensure not allowing it to spread, calling on everyone to surpass any differences and provide the health and safety of prisoners before anything else," adding that this requires "a courageous decision in the size of the challenge we face that would spare us a potential tragedy that we do not wish for all of us."

Al-Haiki said the release of prisoners has been carried out by many countries as part of their efforts to tackle the Coronavirus epidemic.

"The Bahrain team, led by the Crown Prince, is making efforts to confront this epidemic and the step of releasing prisoners in accordance with any legal adaptation that it deems fit will undoubtedly be appreciated."

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