Health Ministry Announces Sixth Death in Coronavirus, Registers 26 New Cases

2020-04-10 - 9:55 p

Bahrain Mirror:  The Ministry of Health announced the death of a 63-year-old male Bahraini national, a registered active case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) who was suffering from underlying and chronic health problems.

The deceased was among those stranded in Iran before he later returned to Bahrain after authorities' delay.

The ministry website revealed 26 new Coronavirus, bringing the number cases to 377. It said that 8 of the cases were for citizens coming from abroad and 18 had contact with confirmed cases.

It confirmed that 12 out of the 18 cases are for expatriates who were in precautionary quarantine after contacting with active case. It also announced the recovery of 11 cases, bringing the total number of recoveries to 530.

The Ministry has conducted 357,307 Coronavirus tests so far, only 3 of them have critical cases.

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