99 Individuals Evacuated among Fourth Batch of Bahrainis Stuck in Iran

2020-04-03 - 7:28 am

Bahrain Mirror: Activists said that 99 citizens have been evacuated from Iran among the fourth batch of Bahrainis stuck in Iran.

A plane affiliated with Iranian Kish Air arrived in Bahrain International Airport on Thursday (April 2, 2020) at 12 PM (Manama timing) from the Iranian city of Qom, with 96 citizens and 3 children on board.

The Bahraini authorities announced a few days ago an evacuation plan of 3000 citizens from around the world on batches that should finish by the end of May 2020. This was criticized by the activists due to the time difference between the evacuation flights, despite the high capacity of Bahrain to contain its citizens.

Seven citizens have died so far, the lsst of them is Haj Abdulnabi, who died on March 31, 2020, after his evacuation plan was cancelled 3 times in a row by the authorities.

The Ministry of Health says that 68% of the Coronavirus positive cases are for people coming from abroad, 241 of the cases are for people coming from Iran. Meanwhile, Britain came in the second rank with 57 cases.

The total number of confirmed cases of people coming from abroad is 353, according to the latest figures issued by the Health Ministry.

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