3 Warehouses Stack Fruits and Vegetables Preventing Flow to Markets

2020-03-31 - 1:42 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Since a week ago, Bahrainis have been witnessing a gradual rise in the prices of fruits and vegetables, and in some cases they increased 10 times more than normal prices.

On Saturday (March 28, 2020), the Bahraini Ministry of Commerce revealed that it intensified its inspection campaigns, revealing that huge quantities of produces have been stored in 3 warehouses, which prevented their flow into the market. The Ministry said the owners of the warehouses were referred to the legal authorities.

مخازن الفواكه والخضار 1

These greedy merchants have been taking advantage of the situation, obstructing the flow of vegetables and fruits to markets, and have piled them up in their warehouses in massive quantities since last February (according to the Ministry of Commerce), for the purpose of raising their prices 10 times more than the standard price.

مخازن الفواكه الخضار 2

At a time when we are witnessing wealthy people and merchants all over the world extending their hand and fortune to their homelands to help them overcome this ordeal the world is suffering from, these greedy merchants didn't only abandon their national and human duty, but also exploited this crisis to accumulate more wealth at the expense of the people in Bahrain, instead of contributing to alleviating the suffering of the unfortunate.

مخازن الفواكه والخضار 3

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