Al-Wefaq Urges Citizens to Volunteer to Combat Coronavirus

2020-03-17 - 8:41 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society called on citizens to volunteer to combat the Coronavirus.

The society appreciated the efforts and endeavors made by the people of Bahrain and all concerned parties at all levels in combating the Coronavirus.

It expressed appreciation, recognition and national pride towards members and volunteers in concerned institutions and societal parties, as well as the Bahrain team, who are serving all Bahrainis and residents that are infected or subject to precautionary quarantine.

Al-Wefaq emphasized that this high patriotic spirit and authentic and distinguished Bahraini generosity are characteristics that Bahrainis of different backgrounds have always enjoyed. This was demonstrated again in facing the outbreak of coronavirus that afflicted the dear country and almost all countries of the world.

It called on Bahrainis to actively engage and participate in all fields and areas of volunteer work to fulfil the religious, humanitarian and national duty of serving the citizens and residents to confront the Coronavirus.

Al-Wefaq sent a tribute of love and pride to all those infected and quarantined for their great patience, hoping that God grants them a speedy recovery. In addition, it assured them and the people stuck abroad that all the components of the Bahraini people show solidarity and stand with them, and demand to speed the return of those stuck abroad and care for them. The society further said that all Bahrainis are concerned for them and hope that God relieves and heals them, adding that the Bahraini cadres of various institutions are working hard for their safety.

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