As Bahraini Authorities Neglect its Citizens Conditions, Kuwaitis Launch Campaign to Support Bahrainis Stranded in Mashhad

2020-03-09 - 9:32 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): In the absence of the Bahraini authorities' role in alleviating the suffering of their nationals stranded in Iran's city of Mashhad, popular calls have been launched in Kuwait to support Bahrainis and provide them with their basic needs and food.

The Charitable Committee of Jassim Al-Wazzan Mosque issued a call saying: "Your brothers and sisters from Bahrain stranded in Mashhad are waiting for your support due to the exceptional circumstances the region is passing through due to the Coronavirus, and their inability to return to their homeland." The Committee explained in their statement that they will "provide basic needs, especially food, noting that the number of stranded citizens is about 1,000," urging people to help them "alleviate their suffering and bring joy to their hearts."

On the other hand, Bahrainis trapped in Mashhad are still living in an unfortunate situation, not knowing when it will come to an end, amid the Bahraini authorities' inactiveness in taking serious steps to evacuate their nationals, unlike the rest of the Gulf States, which immediately sent private planes to evacuate their nationals from Iran, as soon as the latter announced the cases of Coronavirus on February 23. Until today, Bahrainis are still stranded in Mashhad and are unable to return home in any way after the authorities blocked all means of travel.

It has been two weeks since Iran announced infected cases. The Bahraini authorities have only announced on February 26 that they are "taking measures to evacuate their citizens". However, nothing has been noticed more than one week following its announcement. "China has built a whole hospital equipped with everything needed to counter the Coronavirus in Wuhan within one week only. It has been a week since the Bahraini Foreign Ministry announced taking necessary measures to evacuate us; however, nothing has been done yet," said one of the Bahrainis stuck in Mashhad.

Bahrainis are experiencing real disappointment. One of them said: "We, about 1,300 Bahrainis, are living with a real sense of disappointment in our government; we feel as if we mean nothing to it. It didn't even bear the responsibility to provide us with temporary housing in Mashhad or meals until we are evacuated. It put the entire burden on the shoulders of religious tour group managers that brought us to Iran. It is shameful to receive support from the Kuwaiti people or others, while the Bahraini authorities ignore our suffering as if we are abandoned people who have no homeland."

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