A Bahraini Stranded in Mashhad Dies due to High Sugar Level

2020-03-06 - 5:53 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Haj Hasan Mansour Hassan, 62, did not know that he will never leave the Iranian territory alive after he arrived in February 19 with 5 of his family members.

He went to Iran to undergo a surgery performed by a specialist ophthalmologist. Mansour was very happy with the success of the surgery, but he did not know that he would remain stuck with more than 1,000 Bahrainis in Mashhad. He was waiting eagerly to return to his homeland and family, but he faced an unfortunate fate. A sudden rise of sugar level led to his death Thursday morning on March 5th.

Haj Hasan is from Al-Sahla and currently lives in Hamad Town, Roundabout 11. He, along with the other stranded Bahrainis, lived in anxiety during the past days. They felt that their government had abandoned them. This had a great impact on Haj Hasan's psychological health. Does this have anything to do with the sudden rise of sugar in his body? We can't determine that.

A state of anger and agitation spread among Bahrainis trapped in Mashhad, after the news of Haj Hasan's death was announced. Everyone wonders how many deaths are we going to hear about from now on?

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