Faulty Smart Meters behind Increase in Electricity Bills: MP

2019-11-05 - 10:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: MP Ahmed Al-Ansari said that faulty electricity meters are to be blamed for a spate of billing errors in Bahrain this year. The Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) had confirmed the problems were caused by newly installed smart meters.

He said in a press release that the cost of replacing the meters used in Bahrain could reach millions, and that they are following up this with the Electricity and Water Authority, as they are receiving a lot of complaints about the increase in electricity bills.

Bahrain bought the meters from Landis+Gyr Swiss compnay, the same company that supplied faulty meters to the US Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which said that it replaced 1,600 of the equipment in September last year. The US company said that the meters sometimes move too fast, leading to increasing prices on customers.

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