America: Businessman Accused of Supporting Trump Investigated over Applying Pressure on Bahraini Gov't

2019-10-23 - 6:24 p

Bahrain Mirror: Press reports said that a businessman involved in supporting the campaign of US president Donald Trump is being investigated in America over applying political pressure on the Bahraini government.

Reports said that Imaad Zuberi illegally and covertly tried to "convince high-ranking U.S. Government officials to apply political pressure on the Bahrain government into stopping its interference" with a master planned development in that country.

Reports didn't reveal the development Zuberi sought.

U.S. Attorney Nick Hanna, the top federal prosecutor in Los Angeles, said in a statement that Zuberi is accused of raising money from foreign parties, aiming at benefiting from his relations with U.S. officials.

Zuberi is accused of funding the Democratic Party's campaigns before turning to support the Republican Party after Trump's victory.

Information indicates that Zuberi donated $900,000 to the Trump's inaugural.

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