Saudi Aramco Hits out at Absence of Global Firmness in Response to Attacks on its Facilities

2019-10-10 - 5:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: Saudi Aramco chief executive Amin Al-Nasser hit out Wednesday at the absence of global resolve to stop attacks on more oil installations, one month after strikes on two of its facilities.

Attacks on Saudi Aramco's facilities on September 14 caused Saudi crude production to fall, triggered market turmoil and increased geopolitical tensions in the oil-rich Middle East.

"An absence of international resolve to take concrete action may embolden the attackers and indeed put the world's energy security at greater risk," said Al-Nasser, speaking at the Oil & Money industry conference in London.

The world's largest oil processing facility at Abqaiq and the Khurais oil field in the east of the kingdom has come under unprecedented attack.

Houthis claimed responsibility for the attacks, however, the United States rejected this and deemed the attacks "act of war" carried out by Iran.

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