Pakistani Politician to Bahrain Mirror: Pakistan Should Reconsider its Security Cooperation with Bahrain

2019-08-29 - 7:46 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Deputy Secretary-general of Pakistan National Unity Council, Thaqeb Akbar, said that "the Gulf States stance towards the Kashmir issue after the Indian government abolished autonomy in the occupied region of the territory was a shock to the Pakistani people and a slap to all the governments that came in the country."

Akbar said in a special statement for Bahrain Mirror that "Pakistan did not fall short [in role] towards the Gulf States in general and Bahrain in particular. Manama has enjoyed significant Pakistani security support, as Islamabad provided the security services in Bahrain with dozens of soldiers and officers in various forces."

"However, this Pakistani cooperation has not helped Islamabad to gain Bahrain's support in the issue of occupied Kashmir," he stated.

Akbar added "Al Khalifa decided to embrace India and its prime minister, Narendra Modi, and turn a blind eye to the Kashmir issue, just as they did with the Palestinian cause."

"Pakistan should have learned from the deal of the century that the Gulf States are unreliable. They are the ones who betrayed the Palestinian people and they might betray the Kashmiri and Pakistani peoples."

The deputy Secretary-General stressed that "after this Gulf failure, Pakistan should reconsider its relations with the Gulf States governments and rearrange its papers in this regard."

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