Mohieddin Khan’s Dangerous Confessions, Bahraini Security in Trap

2019-07-24 - 3:36 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Secretary-General of the National Adala (Justice) movement, extremist Salafist Mohieddin Khan didn't deny the content of "Al-Jazeera" tape and didn't even show interest to justify anything, whether in terms of what mentioned in "What is Hidden is Worse" or in terms of what his companions in the terrorist cells said inside the chambers of the National Security Agency. He only acquitted himself of being the one who sold the tape. He says in a video he recorded in response on what he described as "Fabrications of Bahrain Television report": "It is very big and not good to accuse me of this case."

Although he publicly admitted that he was present when the video was recorded in Hamad City (2011): "Yes, I was present in this session and the recording was on Hisham Rahmatullah's mobile phone and there were copies". However, he appeared in the videotaped message that he has no problem at all in the film content or content of the videotaped confessions. He didn't even bother himself to give explanations behind the confessions' real motive.

He was occupied with depicting himself as an innocent angel, exactly as he wanted us to see him in the background photos who has always been keen to make clear in his recorded message from his workplace in "Miftah Al-Khair Association" in Turkey. He shows himself as an angel embracing homeless and orphans and busy in "charity work on the Syrian borders".

His objection to Al-Jazeera is only for defaming his fellow terrorists and not hiding their identities or using subwoofer for their voices. He says: "Frankly, (the film) missed credibility and professionalism. Al Jazeera has always hidden the identities of people, according to their desire, used voice changers, or hidden their images when broadcasting some documentaries, (but) you defamed Hisham Al-Baloushi, may God have mercy on him, and also with Mohammad Saleh, and caused them, us and our families harm, where is the professionalism?"

In other words: It is very normal to assassinate opposition figures. It is very normal to contact "Al-Qaeda" terrorists in Saudi Arabia and bring arms. It is very normal to carry out terrorist operations in nearby countries for the security apparatuses. It is very normal to practice terrorism, hit the national unity and violate local laws. However, it is not normal to accuse him of handing the tapes to "Al-Jazeera". Mohieddin works to only prove this and considers everything else to be normal. He confirms in the videotaped message that this film was recorded in a very personal way. He finds no problem with that, except accusing him of leaking it and not hiding the identities of his friends.

Mohieddin reveals in this message further tactics on cooperation between the extremist Salafist groups and the National Security Agency, whom he calls "our people". Even his trip to Turkey was through cooperation with the Bahraini security agency. He says "I came to Turkey and "our people", I mean the National Security Agency and the Criminal Investigation Department, called me and asked me where I am traveling. I, of course, told them that I am heading to Turkey so that they lift the travel ban on me. They accepted under condition not to go to Syria and I signed a pledge."

Mohieddin Khan doesn't tell us how he kept his promise not to go to Syria, but he told us that he "works and is active on the Syrian border". Since when do Salafist groups recognize and adhere to "artificial" borders! Since when (since 2011) there is already a "real border" between Turkey and Syria! Is it the same border that his son Ibrahim "committed" to when he crossed from to fight in the ranks of the terrorist "Al-Nusra Front" and returned to Bahrain to cross from it again to fight and be killed there (all of this happened with his consent as he explained to us in a lengthy article published on his account)! Are these the borders that Mohieddin Khan signed a pledge not to cross!

In fact, Mohieddin Khan puts us at the heart of one of the sitcoms you watch to enjoy and you know that everything that's going on is set up to entertain you, and has nothing to do with the real world. His voice message broadcast by Bahrain TV, which he confirmed its validity and content, was aimed at "stirring the feelings of the officials". However, he blamed the TV because it cut it up and didn't present it in full. Thus, he donated - just now- to display it. "I deliberately sent to brother Mohammad Saleh the news of political asylum in Qatar by voice along with the link because I know that Mohammad Saleh's phone is monitored. I aimed at moving a stagnant file and stirring the feelings of the officials there in Bahrain," he says.

What about the leaked tape? Khan tells us "In my opinion, the copies were in Hisham's mobile, and when he was killed the Iranian Revolutionary Guard took the phone and handed the copies over to Al-Jazeera." In other words, he wants to tell us that Hisham kept the video on his phone for 5 years (since it was recorded in 2011 until his death in 2015. He did not format his phone and did not change it. He travels "for jihad" and returns while keeping this video despite him being in danger). Iran then kept the video for another four years to finally reach Al-Jazeera "Direct" mail.

This is something difficult to be believed by an insane; terrorists voluntarily recording confessions about their relationship with security agencies in order to be used in case they get arrested. They want us to believe these fictional stories! A hardliner records an audio message to his fellow about his intention to apply for political asylum in Qatar (this is a personal choice which we have nothing to do with) and they want us to believe that he did that only to stir the feelings of officials in Bahrain because he knows that they will read the message! Confessions filmed and copied in the presence of more than one person and they want us to believe that the leakage occurred by a person who was killed four years ago. Have mercy on our minds. This is all senseless.

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