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2019-07-29 - 6:15 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): "I would have liked to be martyred in another way, but it happened in the end," said prisoner Ahmad Al-Malali, who was facing imminent execution within hours by security authorities in Bahrain over the death of officer Hisham Al-Hammadi, which is a case based on no evidence but confessions extracted under systematic torture, which is considered to be the master of evidence in the courts of Bahrain.

Issa Al-Malali, Ahmed's father, told Bahrain Mirror that his son had been pursued since 2011 until 2017. "He was 16 years old, now he's 24 years old. He did not enjoy life and was not able to study or work. He remained like this until he was arrested and accused of assassinating Al-Hammadi."

Al-Malali was attempting to flee the country across the sea, before a military security force stormed the boat and arrested him. During the urgent emergency visit, which took place hours before the expected execution of the sentence, Ahmed said: "I was hiding under the edge of the boat and the bullets were flying. I wished to myself that one of these bullets would hit me so I would be martyred at that moment, but the bullet hit my wrist. I wished to become a martyr in another way, but it happened in the end and this is what matters."

The conditions of the visit were not normal. The family was contacted and told that they had a private visit to meet their imprisoned son at 2 pm. It was clear that it was a "farewell visit". Issa Al-Malali said that "35 members of the family came to the Central Jaw Prison gate to see Ahmad. The atmosphere was unusual there. Military patrols were moving in the street in front of the prison. We went down and were divided into a number of groups. Each group of five people were allowed to enter to see Ahmad for 15 minutes, followed by a second group and so on."

"The inspection was tight. The police woman stripped women of their hijabs, and even their hair ties were searched. After the search, each person was accompanied by two policemen, while on both sides of the corridor leading to the room were policemen standing, all armed. When we arrived to the room, there were more policemen who were checking the names of the visitors."

Inside the Room

The room as described by Isa Al-Malali, had two doors; a door through which they entered and sat down, and another door through which they brought Ahmed in shortly after. They embraced him and he sat down before them. He knew what was happening. He knew that those were his last hours before execution.

He further noted that there was a small window in the room that was open. A number of police women were sitting behind it, listening to what was going on inside the room. Next to them were some armed policemen, who undoubtedly had eyes filled with death.

Issa went on to say: I spoke with my son. He recounted to me the boat incident and how bullets were flying around him, and he wished to be martyred, We all know that my son is oppressed and innocent, but unfortunately no one called us to listen to what my son was saying all this time. The family of the killed officer Al-Hammadi did not contact us, and after this visit, we were only contacted by some rights defenders. However, none of the MPs contacted us. No one called us since we knew what would happen to my son, and he didn't have much time left in this life.

We started reading the Dua (prayer) in that room and Ahmad participated. We heard the police officers laugh as they were looking at us through the window.

A police officer, who appeared to be responsible for the visits, said to me: "Say goodbye to your son. Only a little time is left, and the visit will be over."

"My son Ahmad, who will be dead at the young age of 24, is my eldest son, and I will only say in the end: My son is innocent. May God take revenge on anyone who wronged my son," Issa Al-Malali stressed.

In custody, the two men were tortured by security officers, by electric shocks and beatings, and their toenails were pulled off as well, said Amnesty International in a statement issued in March 2018 on the case of Ahmad Al-Malali and Ali Muhammad Al-Arab.


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