Why Did Samir Nass Continue to Defend his Egyptian Advisor Not Fearing Shia Outrage in Bahrain?

2019-07-15 - 10:05 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Many wonder why the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Samir Nass, continued his desperate defense of his Egyptian adviser, Yasser Al-Attar, not fearing the outrage of the Shiite majority in Bahrain?

Why did Samir give his testimony before the court, which later acquitted the Egyptian adviser, boldly, not fearing that his business and family trade would be affected by the likely boycott of Bahraini Shiites, angered by his actions?

The truth of the matter is that this is not only due to the influence of the Nass family and the huge bank accounts it has. Reality shows us how the state and the ruling Al Khalifa family succeeded in keeping both Shiite and Sunni citizens on the sidelines.

Following two decades of continuous naturalization and blatant discrimination against the Shiite majority in particular, now any businessman can do whatever he pleases without being concerned if it would upset Bahrainis since they are pushed to the side (this is what happened with Bahraini businessman Nabil Ajour, who hosted an Israeli delegation at his home in December 2016).

Nass's family owns a huge construction company that relies mainly on state tenders being laid down. They do not fear losing these tenders if they stand against the Shiites in Bahrain. On the contrary, they expect receiving a reward for their stance.

The regime in Bahrain has tried to isolate citizens over the past years and replace them with a new people who do not get displeased and are ready to defend the regime at all costs so as not to lose the citizenship they've gained without a right to.

Bahrain has created a system that is a mix between the Emirati and Israeli experiences. It took from Israel the idea of an alternative people, bringing in settlers and offering them jobs and privileges, while on the other hand marginalizing the indigenous people, discriminating against them and neglecting their areas. As for the UAE, it also followed its example by bringing foreigners to be the first category of consumers that visit restaurants, cinemas and nightclubs. This; however, unlike the Emirati people, was not accompanied by a "financial gain" for the Bahraini people.

This was reflected in a more obvious manner in another incident that shook Bahrainis both Sunnis and Shia alike, when a restaurant, owned by a Bahraini with close ties to the royal family, opened and published an advertisement for hiring Bahrainis that was worded in a very insulting and degrading way to Bahrainis.

Despite the uproar that accompanied the ad and frustration of hundreds of citizens, the owner of the restaurant continued her offensive way of addressing Bahrainis, describing critics as "sons of sin (bastards)," because she is certain that the hand of the law will not reach her as long as she has a close relation with a ruling family member, especially that her customers are not from the common class of citizens. They are from the ruling family and the children of wealthy families in addition to some Gulf tourists.

She is well aware that insulting Bahrainis will not affect the sales of the restaurant, whose high prices more than half of the Bahraini people cannot even afford.

The ruling family's efforts towards creating an alternative people and replace Bahrainis with foreigners are ongoing and will not stop, and it seems that they are accomplishing their goal. The Bahraini citizen has already become marginalized and has no influence on anything whatsoever. It is funny that a parliamentary commission of inquiry was formed for the Bahrainization of jobs in ministries, while at the same time the military hospital is looking to hire nurses in Jordan.


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