Al-Muhadfa to "Bahrain Mirror": Accusing Me of Managing "Na'eb Ta'eb" Account is False

2019-05-20 - 8:13 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The Germany-based human rights activist Yousif Al-Muhafda denied in a statement to "Bahrain Mirror" what was stated by the Bahraini Ministry of Interior with regards to being responsible for managing "Na'eb Ta'eb" Twitter account.

He said "this is the repressive regime and we got accustomed to its lies."

"The Bahraini interior statement, which accused me of managing fake Twitter accounts, did not shock me. This is the repressive regime, and we got accustomed to its lies," said Al-Muhafda.

"I carry humanitarian principles and defend human rights. My activism is in public and I express my views freely. I do not need fake accounts. This new accusation will not change my positions, my work and my activism in defending the rights of our people, but rather pushes us to double our efforts."

Director-General of Anti-corruption and Economic and Electronic Security said in an official statement yesterday that Yousif Al-Muhafda and Hassan Abdulnabi (Al-Sitri) who are both fugitives and live in Germany and Australia, formed the e-network of accounts that manage number of accounts on social media outlets including (Na'eb Tae'b, Al-Khawalid, Khalid MOA, Khalid and others).

The IP Addresses of those accounts revealed that they are managed from Iran, Qatar, Iraq and some European countries such as France, Germany and Australia.

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