Mounir Adam, Martyr with Disability who wasn’t Spared from Execution

2019-05-09 - 3:07 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Saudi Arabia didn't respond to international appeals regarding one of the youths who were executed a few weeks ago, for being a person with a disability. Regardless of the appeals, the Saudi authorities executed him mercilessly.

Mounir Adam suffered an injury during his childhood which led to partial hearing loss. However, this didn't prevent Saudi Arabia from detaining him in April 2012. The European Saudi Organization for Human Rights said he was tortured.

The organization explained that the torturers continuously kicked him on his face and body, which worsened his disability. He then demanded medical care, which the Saudi authorities denied him for over 4 months.

A doctor at the military hospital confirmed in August 2012 that Mounir had accelerated hearing loss and informed the prison's administration that he urgently needs to undergo surgery. The prison's administration ignored the doctor's orders and continued ignoring Mounir's condition for 6 additional months, which led to his complete loss of hearing.

Following those reports, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) issued a few months before his execution a decision demanding Saudi Arabia to stop the execution of Adam, investigate allegations of torture and guarantee his access to medical care.

According to the organization, the Committee's decision proves that Saudi Arabia's fails to comply with the treaties or protocols it ratified. This case is a reminder that there are people with disabilities in prisons, whom Saudi Arabia does not hesitate to execute.

Despite requests from the Committee, Saudi authorities rejected the case involving the Convention on the Rights of persons with disabilities. It was clear that it does not listen to such appeals and showed no signs of sympathy for his condition.

After the death penalty was upheld, the Committee once again demanded suspending the implementation of the death sentence until discussions regarding his case are concluded. Saudi Arabia didn't respond until April 23, 2019 when it executed Mounir Adam along with 36 others over fabricated charges and confessions extracted under duress.

Mounir Adam's execution once again revealed the appalling face of the Saudi regime. Neither his young age nor his disability spared him from the charges raised against him. His beheading was a fatal blow to all human values, and the beast remains free to carry out more crimes and atrocities.

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