11 Citizens Arrested Earlier Today from Abu Saiba

2019-04-24 - 5:24 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive):  A vast security campaign led to the arrest of 11 citizens from Abu Saiba village after the raid of dozens of houses in Abu Saiba and Al-Shakhoura.

Activists said that the authorities arrested today (April 24, 2019) at dawn each of "Sayed Ahmed Sayed Mostafa, Sayed Ali Sayed Mostafa, Ali Salman Dawoud, Ali Jawad, Jassim Abbas, Sayed Jaafar Saleh, Jaafar Ali Yousif, Sayed Mortada Sayed Mostafa, Sayed Ali Adnan, Sayed Mahmoud Saeed and Ali Yaackoub" from Abu Saiba village.

The authorities have been continuously carring out illegal raid campaigns since 2011 which lead to the arrest of dozens of citizens who are forced to say confessions under duress that incriminate them later, human rights organizations confirm.  

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