Health Insurance Plan Covers 60% of Private Medicine Treatment Cost, Citizens Pay the Rest: MP

2019-03-29 - 11:59 p
MP Ahmed Al-Salloum

Bahrain Mirror: A member of the Finance and Economic Committee, MP Ahmed Al-Salloum, said that the health insurance project will be fully implemented by 2020, according to the what was stated by the Minister of Health Fa'iqa Al-Saleh during a meeting with the joint committee between the Shura and Representatives Council yesterday.

In a statement to Al-Ayyam newspaper, Al-Salloum said that the health insurance project will ensure that all Bahraini citizens are treated for various diseases and without a specific financial ceiling in government hospitals. As for private hospitals, the health insurance will cover 60% of the treatment cost while the citizen pays 40% of the cost of treatment.

He explained that the Minister has announced the willingness of her ministry to establish 6 health centers in addition to the ministry's direction towards the construction of a number of specialized hospitals in different governorates.


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MP Ahmed Al-Salloum

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