3-Year Suspended Jail Term Handed down to Former Minister over Financial Case

2019-03-14 - 7:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First Minor Criminal Court sentenced a former minister to 3 years in jail over charge of issuing 50 thousand BD cheque without balance and set 1000 BD bail to suspend the sentence.

The anti-economic crimes directorate received a notice from a Bahraini businessman stating that a former minister gave him a cheque of 50 thousand BD, as a guarantee for an amount of money he borrowed from, however, at the time of maturity of the cheque, it was noted that the account is closed. The businessman was told that the cheque can't be cashed because there was no fund in the account.

The victim stressed that he had good relations with the former minister. However, after he knew what happened with the cheque, he called the minister to take his money back. The minister kept on postponing, which made the business man file a notice against him.  

The former minister's defence attorney claimed that his client didn't issue the cheque, but the fraud and counterfeiting expert at the General Directorate of Physical Evidence confirmed that the signature on the cheque belonged to the accused.

The Public Prosecution accused the defendant on May 1, 2018, of intentionally providing a dud cheque to the victim knowing that there are no funds in the account.

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