Court Issues Life Sentences to 2 Defendants, 10-Year Jail Term to 6 Others, Revokes Citizenship of 3 over Political Case

2019-02-20 - 5:16 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court issued life sentences to 6 defendants, 10-year jail term to 6 others, 5-year jail term to a defendant and 3-year jail term to 3 others and revoked the citizenship of 3.

The authorities claim that the seventh defendant could flee, along with others, to Iran with the help of the first, second and third defendants and that the mentioned suspects helped in hiding the fourth and seventh ones, until the fourth could return to Bahrain, where he is still found. Besides, the second defendant, brother of the eleventh who is a leader in Saraya Al-Ashtar and is found in Iran and brother of the ninth fugitive, received military training on the manufacturing of bombs through his brother, the ninth suspect. He also helped him in manufacturing and transferring explosives inside Bahrain aiming at targeting police.  

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