AFC Says It Worked Tirelessly to Release Hakeem Al-Araibi

2019-02-13 - 8:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) issued a statement in which it said that it has been working tirelessly with all the relevant stakeholders in Hakeem Al-Araibi's case, in order to bring it to a positive end.

However, the Arabic version of the statement came without the word "tirelessly", which triggered mockery by media outlets.

The Asian Football Confederation, headed by Bahraini Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, has been heavily criticized for its silence on Al-Araibi's arrest. The AFC has not made any statement demanding Al-Araibi's release until two months after his arrest in Bangkok.

International organizations accused the Bahraini authorities of prosecuting Hakeem in retaliation for his stance on the candidacy of Salman bin Ebrahim for the Fifa presidency in 2016.

The AFC thanked each and everyone of those bodies for their support and commitment in bringing this matter to a positive end.

It also expressed its extreme pleasure with the decision of the courts in Thailand to order the release of Hakeem Al-Araibi and allow him to return to Australia. 

Arabic Version

: Bahrain Mirror